When the code is full of bugs and the supervisor asks you if it will be ready for tomorrow

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    yep and that isn't dirt
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    @jckimble unfortunately not
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    My life for the past two days has been attempting to crawl out of a deep muddy hole filled with bugs that other people made and I have to fix, just as I see the warm gracious sunlight, the light at the end of my metaphorical tunnel, a shovel full of brand-new mud oozing with fresh squirming bugs is thrown down onto my face and the thoughts I once had of basking in the sun are ripped away from me.

    Will I ever escape my muddy buggy grave :( , who knows, the demo is on Tuesday. Maybe by then I will also be able to escape my buggy hell on my own mud laden motorcycle and ride off into the sun never looking back.

    Wish me luck.
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    @querellaMMXII c'mon you can do it! Good luck😊
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