Hey ranters! I actually repeat you a question I did time ago...

It's time to change my keyboard, and I want get a good one for programming.

Do you have any recommendations or advises?

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    Try several that you find appealing and make a decision. What works for others may not really work for you.
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    Everyone's situation is different.

    Try some out and pick one that's comfortable for ya. My first two mechanical keyboards weren't that comfortable and then I found one I like
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    I've found a nice clicky mech keyboard has done wonders for me and lifted my wpm.

    Now I can't use a laptop keyboard anymore 😞
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    Depends what you want. Feedback, or finger travel.
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    yeah what do you prefer? full size or a 65% Keyboard? do you want it to have Bluetooth and be battery powered? Low profile or standard height? Clicky or Linear?

    🎥 Beginner's Guide : How to Build a 60% Mechanical Keyboard
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    I love the advice here. Let me chime in with one point: Try them out for yourself, don't listen to what various switches and sizes supposedly are good for.

    My keyboard has Cherry MX Red switches, which supposedly are for gaming, but I LOVE typing on it. My older one with Browns (and even a super-duper ergonomic layout), on the other hand, is sitting in its box on a shelf.
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    > Depends what you want. Feedback, or finger travel.

    @pythonInRelay out of context quotes gone wrong.
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    Thank you all guys for the advises. I'll keep them in mind to choose one.
    First thing I'll do is to dive in the topic to get more information about it.
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    Notwithstanding good advice above, I am so very happy with my Topre 87UB silent, I cannot fail to recommend it. I have been using mine for nearly 12 years now.
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