I starting developing my skills to a pro level from 1 year and half from now. My skillset is focused on Backend Development + Data Science(Specially Deep Learning), some sort of Machine Learning Engineer. I fill my github with personal projects the last 5 months, and im currently working on a very exciting project that involves all of my skills, its about Developing and deploy a Deep Learning Model for Image Deblurring.

I started to look for work two months to now. I applied to dozens of jobs at startups, no response. I changed my strategy a bit, focusing on early stage startups that dont have infinite money for pay all that senior devs, nothing, not even that startups wish to have me in their teams. I even applied to 2 or 3 and claim to do the job for little payment, arguing im not going for money but experience, nothing. I never got a reply back, not an interview, the few that reach back(like 3, from 3 or 4 dozen of startups), was just for say their are not interested on me.

This is frustrating, what i do on my days is just push forward my personal projects without rest. I will be broke in a few months from now if i dont get a job, im still young, i have 21 years, but i dont have economic support from parents anymore(they are already broke). Truly dont know what to do. Currently my brother is helping me with the money, but he will broke in few months as i say.

The worst of all this case is that i feel capable of get things done, i have skills and i trust in myself. This is not about me having doubts about my skills, but about startups that dont care, they are not interested in me, and the other worst thing is that my profile is in high demand, at least on startups, they always seek for backend devs with Machine Learning knowledge. Im nothing for them, i only want to land that first job, but seems to be impossible.

For add to this situation, im from south america, Venezuela, and im only able to get a remote job, because in my country basically has no Tech Industry, just Agencies everywhere underpaying devs, that as extent, dont care about my profile too!!! this is ridiculous, not even that almost dead Agencies that contract devs for very little payment in my country are interested in me! As extra, my economic situation dont allows me to reallocate, i simple cant afford that. planning to do it, but after land some job for a few months. Anyways coronavirus seems to finally set remote work as the default, maybe this is not a huge factor right now.

I try to find job as freelancer, i check the freelancer sites(Freelancer, Guru and so on) every week more or less, but at least from what i see, there is no Backend-Only gigs for Python Devs, They always ask for Fullstack developers, and Machine Learning gigs i dont even mention them.

Maybe im missing something obvious, but feel incredible that someone that has skills is not capable of land even a freelancer job. Maybe im blind, or maybe im asking too much(I feel the latter is not the case). Or maybe im overestimating my self? i think around that time to time, but is not possible, i have knowledge of Rest/GraphQL APIs Development using frameworks like Flask or DJango(But i like Flask more than DJango, i feel awesome with its microframework approach). Familiarized with containerization and Docker. I can mention knowledge about SQL and DBs(PostgreSQL), ORMs(SQLAlchemy), Open Auth, CI/CD, Unit Testing, Git, Soft DevOps Skills, Design Patterns like MVC or MTV, Serverless Environments, Deep Learning Solutions, end to end: Data Gathering, Preprocessing, Data Analysis, Model Architecture Design, Training and Finetunning. Im familiarized with SotA techniques widely used now days, GANs, Transformers, Residual Networks, U-Nets, Sequence Data, Image Data or high Dimensional Data, Data Augmentation, Regularization, Dropout, All kind of loss functions and Non Linear functions. My toolset is based around Python, with Tensorflow as the main framework, supported by other libraries like pandas, numpy and other Data Science oriented utils.

I know lot of stuff, is not that enough for get a Junior Level underpaid job? truly dont get it, what is required for get a job? not even enough for get an interview?

I have some dev friends and everyone seems to be able to land jobs, why im not landing even an interview?

I will keep pushing my Dev career, is that or starve to death. But i will love to read your suggestions! how i can approach this?

i will leave here my relevant social presence:


Thanks in advance!

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    "the few that reach back(like 3, from 3 or 4 dozen of startups), was just for say their are not interested on me."

    Have you asked them why? Also, sometimes it's easier to enter bigger and more established companies than start-ups. Start-ups don't have as much money to invest in juniors. They often prefer people with more experience and that they know can surely deliver. That's not me assuming you cannot deliver but if it's gonna be your first official job, they have no basis to trust you.
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    @rutee07 i always ask for feedback, they never reach back.

    Yeah i have knowledge of that fact, but more stablished companies usually are not looking for remote workers, you know, they preffer juniors in place, and that is not a possibility for me. With coronavirus maybe i can have some opportunities, i will try!
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    @sweetnothings i already have planned my own startup, the idea surge from my situation, and there is no service covering this market gap i think, at least not as i imagine it, i would like to make impact, but sadly i have no money and legal framework for found this startup.

    i tried to apply to some startups that have an idea more or less close to mine, but no response xD
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    @ElPapi42 If you haven't tried it, you can set the LinkedIn option to "Let recruiters know I'm open for new opportunities". That always does it for me and recruiters just start reaching out to you. Don't be shy to message some recruiters as well. They are often very helpful there and they will share your profile with other recruiters, increasing your chances of finding potential employment.

    Good luck, man. It's a tough time to be unemployed with the virus and shit. I hope all goes well for you. Keep trying!
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    @rutee07 i already have thst setup on LinkedIn, but no one reach me! i will try to contact recruiters! thanks man!
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    If youve been learning for 1.5 years and say you know all those things, my .05 is that you are severely overestimating yourself.
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    @sweetnothings i think on that, but how can a guy with 21yo raise founding without sny connection? its hard
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    @yellow-dog hard words man :/
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    Remote-only is already bad enough, but that even as junior is probably over the top.

    Also, it wouldn't astonish me if a lot of companies didn't hire right now, and especially not juniors.
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    I would recommend going and talking to a local recruitment agency. Right at the start its hard to land a gig. But once you have the first job it's easier from there. So, you've kind of got to eat that shit sandwich and take whatever code sweatshop job is available.

    Startups and remote jobs are all fine but they won't touch you unless you're local (on site) or until you've got some experience.
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    @DasKoder yeah im thinking same here, but what i can do, right now the local agencies are unreachable, i try to contact like a dozen of them, they seems to be dead, almost no online presence, and surely very little work. Tech in my country is almost dead
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