Before Corona: (Work From Office)

Boss: Let's have a call.
Me: Sure, allow me some time I am assisting the team on a new feature in the app.
Boss: Ok, ping me as you get free.


Now: (Work From Home)

Boss: ***Calls for the 15th time in a day...***
Me: (With Bleeding Ears) Yes sir, am here...!
(Having to pick up every single time as he knows you've got nowhere to go 'coz the whole city is in LockDown)
Boss: ***Talks for another 1 hour with screen share***

My Boss is a bigger threat to my health than Corona now!!!


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    Hi and welcome to devRant!
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    Can you see that ethernet cable?
    Pull it by "accident" and enjoy x amount of time free!
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    @Gregozor2121 and then he calls your mobile
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    Ehhh. You are a programmer but your imagination is weak.
    -Your phone's battery could be flat
    -Your phone can be on weak reception
    -You have lost your phone and you have dont disturb on
    -You were in WC and couldnt hear it
    -You have left it in your friend house
    -Spearker/Mic is broken when you dropped it rn...
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