Let's say the app you built costs X.
How much would you make the customer pay for the non-mantained source code as it is at that specific point?

I'm asking because I just found a library which costs 50$ for compiled version and 2000$ for source code

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    depends on app mate, it can be anywhere between 20x and 500x the retail price, maybe even more, there are apps selling at $1 that are worth millions.
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    @molaram ok, but what would you base the price on?
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    @ZioCain depends, libraries are hard to price, easier for things like apps with subscriptions where you can ask how much could the owner of the source code make across 5-10 years? For libs, it's all about simple supply and demand / what will the market tolerate paying ?
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    How much would they have to pay you if they wanted you to maintain it? That might be a good starting point.
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    How much do they benefit from the deal? That defines the upper limit of what they will pay.
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    Perhaps they ask so much for the source code because they don't want anyone to see how bad it is :p
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    @ZioCain look at the market, get a sense of what it will make first... you can come up with figures based on that data
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