That feel when you realise that your 3 years old laptop's microphone has problems making it hard for others to hear you clearly and that the external microphone you have is useless (probably a bad batch tho).
And most shops are closed due to the lockdown here and you can't afford getting a new one or going to a store to test microphones.

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    You still can buy online, for example through Amazon. Buy a cheap one, at least to get you through this lockdown, then get a real one after the shops are open.
    Lockdown in my country will be until Apr 20th, and sure I can't wait that long to get a microphone.
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    get this one
    Røde NT USB mini.
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    Do you have a aux cord? You might be able to use your phone.
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    I feel ya. My laptop's mic is super sensitive, and I would try and configure my personal wireless headphones to work with it, but the Bluetooth dongle I use doesn't play well with microphones. //sigh
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    @cho-uc True, I could go for a cheap one, however, Amazon (UK) seems to have cut down on deliveries of non-essential items.
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    @JamesRyan I do have, I never of using my Samsung phone as a mic.
    I'll look into that.
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    @Squidge The outgoing sound (say to the headphone) is perfect and I can tweak that on PavuControl or AlsaMixer.
    But the only mics I have are the laptop's internal ones and the Lavalier one which works but makes the experience for others quite terrible.
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