Lately, in the company I work for, it's becoming the norm for the dev to finish workdays at 10pm or 11pm, but we still get yelled at when we arrive after 9am. Anyway, every week, the PMs and salesmen have a big meeting to debrief how everything is working so well in this so wonderful company, and whatever. From what I've been told, it's just a big session of self-satisfaction, applause, and gossips.
During the two or three last meetings, some PMs dared to point out that the dev felt underestimated and constantly under pressure. Last time, the boss of the managers answered: "Developers just like to complain."
Yeah, right! We work like hell everyday to respect deadlines of underestimated projects, we have to fight to get hardware, and even a good chair is a precious resource!
Ultimately, another PM trainee said projects were late because dev are just laughing all day long... Go figure!
I feel like most of IT companies treat dev like inferior robots :(

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    i feel like so, but in companies where the boss was a dev too you will be more respected, because he knows the hell. Also, find yourself a better employer and make them realise how fucking stupid they are.
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    Leave on time every day. Why should you make up for their shortfall when you told them how long it would take and wouldn't listen? In the long run all you will end up doing is burning out and everyone loses.

    They can't fire you for working your contracted hours.
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    After collage when I just started working I was so hapoy just to have a job that Ibworked untill 23:00 every night for more than a year.

    Most days I didn't even take my 1 hour lunch. Just ate quickly and got back to work.

    Even though I worked such late hours the cunt of a boss still had the nerve to give me shit about coming into work half an hour late (08:30)

    As the time went on the number of hours I worked overtime kept decreasing.

    Forward to 4-years later and I take my entire lunch and when the clock stikes 17:00 I stop working on company shit.

    With some people you simply cannot win and like a wise man once said "You fuck on me, I fuck on you"
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    Thank you all, I thought no one would read this! I have to stay in this company for 6 more months, but I'm already looking for a better job... The saddest part is that this job is way better than my previous one! I think I really need to distinguish good from shitty compagnies 😂
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    @Lenka yes, you should be able to "know" what company you are getting into next. At no point in time in the future should you think this employer was way better!
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