Work from home and all is fine for current situation but I still miss working my office. It was a pleasant environment to work, used to meet colleagues, take breaks and engage in fun events. Quite a lot of that is missing right now. Added to that I don't have access to secondary monitor at home and my eyes burn after working for just few hours. It happens sometimes that I would be really in the mood to finish work in afternoon but have to log out to reduce eye strain.It also pretty easy to get distracted at home. I don't like the feeling of being less productive and hope this situation improves soon...

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    Yea I miss going to class and fucking around with my friends in class. Especially on Wednesday whenever there was a 2 hour gap between two of my classes and we'd all sit around and talk. 10/10
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    You could invite your colleagues to a coffee break where you all take a break together
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    I miss staring at my boss's ass.
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    @rutee07 🤣🤣🤣👍
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    @electrineer what he wrote..
    We've created a skype chat for coffe breaks.. and we post pics of coffe and do the coffee small talk there..
    Not sure how calls would go as people are logged in at different times now xD
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    I am quite happy that my current employee gives us the option to work from home when we want to. Beeing forced to on the other hand sucks hard.
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    My company is fully remote, we dont have a central office. I've only ever met 2 coworkers in person. So I get where you're coming from. We have video chat sessions after work where we just talk about anything, have a drink or smoke. We also play video games together pretty much every weekend.
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