Hello mostly human community.
Are there any recommended Haarcascade models for OpenCV for face detection apart from the ones shipped with it?

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    Bold of you to assume that we're human
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    @Wisecrack Thanks a lot!
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    I have about 30-35k bookmarks. Use it as an 'offline search engine' (because google results are trash and become more and more trash by the year).

    Years of interest in various topics. I only save the best links out of the lot.

    We have the bestest links here. No one has links like us.

    edit: Btw, I know it's a lot to ask, but the topic and tech really excite me. If you could, would you post something, anything related to what your doing, as you code? I'm not asking for a play by play, just your thoughts, experiences, surprises, maybe a lite break down of what you encountered?

    I'll be sure to bookmark it, ha.
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    @Wisecrack Not to worry, I was going to do that anyway.
    Steps will be:
    Training the thing to recognize an item,
    (Pos, Neg, samples)
    Compiling the thing to an xml.
    Testing it out using my wrapper for openCV.
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    @Ranchu looking forward to the results man.
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