There is a new Java library very useful for building frameworks and in this library there is a particular classpath scan engine that deserves attention as it is original and powerful.
The peculiarity of this engine is the possibility to search classes over a path or the runtime classpath by concatenable and nestable criteria by exploiting the power of the lambda expressions on the native Java reflection elements such Class, Field, Method, Constructor, Module, Package, Annotation, etc ... thus giving the possibility therefore to carry out searches without limits and for any criterion that can be immaginated: this library is called Burningwave Core, it is open source and on the official wiki on github there are a lot of examples.

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    whats a "java"?
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    is that a rant? definitely doesnt read like one.
    is it an ad (kinda thing?). nope either, not even a link.

    and yeah it reads like the ancient ‚reflections‘ library ....
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    Give him time
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    Not sure if new guy or a broken bot 🤔
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    @C0D4 could be just a java drone
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    Dont tell me there is a java version of npm is coming, jvm already ate a lot memory without extra submodules, I can't handle that happening!
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    Okay so basically a slightly more efficient way to enumerate classes based on certain filters.

    ...But why though?
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    @12bitfloat to rollout 15 new frameworks per millisecond?
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