My partner says I'm too much of dry logic and lacking in emotions. The way I want to find logic in everything and ignore illogical spontaneous emotions... Isn't helping me in here.
Just wanted to vent out and ask whether this is the curse of the nature of work... with tech I am in (I fantasise it to be that) or is it just My individual problem?

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    Maybe you have autism spectrum (Asperger Syndrom) and you don‘t know it yet?

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    You have the wrong partner.
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    Or maybe you're a psychopath. We need you.
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    It's not a really good thing. A desensitized person can be autistic (see above) or a more serious mental issue
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    So people I know suspect I am on spectrum. I tend to not always follow social cues. The question is: If I don't understand social cues or if I knowingly ignore social cues, what does each of those things mean?
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    Real men aren't "emotionally available", they don't think that "apricot" is a colour instead of something edible, and they don't use jQuery.
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    I've been told I calculate everything too much but that's the end of it. I'm actually a very sensitive person especially the tip of my cock and the balls, like if anyone wants any proof, they can literally suck it.
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    @rutee07 OK enough admiring your cock and balls. Time for a durability test
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    @shoop Brrrrrrrrr!!!!
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    @shoop Motorboat my balls!
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    @Fast-Nop you should start a separate thread with the real men shit.
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    @molaram Yeah, that's the dick I always wanted to suck except he wouldn't let me. That cream is the dream.
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    @rutee07 *chuckles*

    Hm, I'm usually considered insane.

    I can be very logical, unempathic and unsocial. Mostly when I'm bored or simply don't want to interact with some persons but I'm forced to.... (Fuckwads.... Lot's of them).

    But when a person is honest and respectful and/or I like the person, I can become the complete opposite.

    I just don't like being nice because people expect to get their arses kissed. I like being nice when people are honest and friendly.
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    @rutee07 I have been told I am 'over analysing' everything onto a logical flow and not going with the 'feelings' that I have.
    And yeah funny when they get to do their illogical unfair stuff so bravely because they get overwhelmed with emotions which is 'real' and my logic feels so 'made up'.
    It's like they want me to express something only to blame me for that afterwards. It's a fucking trap.
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    @RikaroDev That's women for you - traps. Lol. Maybe you are just not the right match or something.
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    @RikaroDev It's what I call being dishonest.

    When you don't understand a thought process., say it.

    When you have no fucking clue, say it.

    Instead, they're blaming. Because it's easier instead of communicating. Narf. Fuckwads. Fuuuuckwads.

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    @IntrusionCM Instead of "It seems that we only talk when it's about sex", they attack you with a "You only want sex, huh?! Am I an object to you?!?!"
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    @rutee07 for that I'm definitely the wrong person.

    If flirting does not consist of being hit with an traffic sign it's very likely I won't notice it.
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    @IntrusionCM That's not flirting though.
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    @RikaroDev Even better, if you fall for such BS, you failed the strength test. Just go and see which kind of men don't struggle with female demand - it's certainly not the softies.
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    @rutee07 hm... But as I miss the flirting it usually ends in sex and not talking because I'm not good at flirting. And I definitely don't wanna talk during sex.
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    I'm an INTJ.
    I have emotions, but I find them useless and irrelevant, and therefore ignore them.

    My girlfriend is an INTP and she's the same way. It's nice, and honestly refreshing.

    I find emotional people tiring, illogical, and often distracted by emotions to the point they're useless.
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    @Root if there's a vaccine that should be forced upon people it should be something along the lines of prosium or whatever that shit was called
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    This is both true, and in at least one those cases, not ideal. 😋
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    @Root Ah the last sentence is what I feel. Good for you and your partner. Hope I find someone like that... Just realized that my current relationship is gonna get fucked up sooner or later. Sigh
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    Maybe your partner has a bug.
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