How do you tolerate a colleague who

- Fails to work as a team member, is inherently lazy and writes software that is simply horrendous
- Blatantly takes the easy road and even admits to it
- Has no sense of pride in the work they do
- Is your supervisor

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    Hey, are you my junior?
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    @yellow-dog I wish I was a junior developer that way I could be dogmatic and self righteous.

    In this instance I know I’m the one who’s right.
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    I would just avoid working with them.
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    Code yourself out. ;-)
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    In my experience, they'll spend the time they saved by half-assing their work politicking, eventually get into management, defund your initiatives and fire you.
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    Fire them, remove them politically, or if those fail: fix their brakes.
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    @whiskey0 welcome to the software development. 10 years into it, every single time i change project and team i find out few months later that omg what a shitshow it is. Fix the most critical problems and move on. At this point i dont care anymore, i do my work as good as i can, accept tge fact I can't heal the world and go home after my part is done. Enjoy the road and ride!
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    @Avimelekh I had a feeling that was the case, good to know I’m not the only one out there
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    I was in a similar situation with a boss who was lazy and had no idea what he was doing and was blatantly adamant about it.

    > Get on LinkedIn
    > Find recruiters and spike up your price
    > Get a new job offer
    > Drop all tables
    > GTFO
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    @Avimelekh Thu, this website. The world has no idea how capable ranters we are as developers, and just how much to rant about.
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    You got me nailed until the supervisor part.
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