I'm the only developer here. I'm also pretty bad.

I can't handle all this responsibility, every single fuck up will be my fault.

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    I am the only developer here, every single fuck up is mine, even the ones I didn't do.

    you'll either own it and do great things, or sink the ship. #noPressure
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    Seems like a typical imposter syndrome. You'll be fine. 大丈夫
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    recognizing your own suckiness is the first step to becoming great! so keep at it man! you'll be fine as long as you recognize your shortcomings!
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    Been there.

    (Rant incoming)

    I took over for the CTO, who had quit / "got fired" by the asshole salesman boss. (read: he quit.) I figured out the various codebases and systems, and cleaned and maintained everything. I was the sole dev responsible for a real-money gift card company with no test suite or automated backups. I had full write access to production, too; it was a legal nightmare. No matter what I did or how well i did it, though, the asshole salesman boss just fucking HATED me. I built some amazing things, fixed some amazing legacy bugs, and cleaned up some amazing messes due to said bugs. Asshole salesman boss still fucking hated me, and verbally abused me on an almost daily basis in front of literally the entire company. He also refused to read a single word I wrote, even when he requested written plans or documents outlining/explaining things, about anything (I think he was functionally illiterate), and he only listened long enough to respond / insult / handwave me off. Which was hilarious because some of what I was telling him would have saved his fucking company.

    I called that job hell (and still do, actually), and I eventually just gave up and quit as a christmas present to myself. The best part? It killed the company. No sane investor would ever touch an already-floundering tech company that no longer has any technical staff. A couple months later, my ex-co-workers complained that he couldn't meet payroll anymore. They left, too. and I laughed, and laughed, and laughed.

    Asshole salesman still owes me $5k, though, and I can't squeeze blood out of a skeleton, so 😕. But I killed his company -- his pride and joy -- and it still makes me grin, mostly because he refused to listen, but also because he is a goddamn fucking asshole and I literally could not take it (or care) anymore. Serves him right.

    I hope he chokes on at least one of his exuberently expensive ("business") meals and dies.

    So long, doucheblimp!
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    @Root shit mate, sounds rough. My coworkers are all nice people.
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    And every good thing will be yours too
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    Remember that as the only one you also have a lit of power, even if you don't feel that way, the persob who's company you're keeping up will notice, and it scares most of them.

    Own any mistakes, fix them and be confident that hard workband study will keep you an integral part of the company.

    To you this is your job, to your MD / CEO its their legacy at stake.

    Do them right and they'll see you as invaluable.
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    had the same situation the last two years. quit 3 weeks ago. i feel reborn 👶
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    Same issue, put down my papers 2 days ago
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