People familiar, whats been your experience with Aurelia?

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    Played with it once, sucks ass. Dunno where these shits keep coming from.
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    @molaram what did you hate the most? Or top three gripes.

    I promise I'm not mining you for rant topics.
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    Vue.js and Aurelia were all the rage in 2017 but vue won the battle of popularity. So you get the job done with Aurelia but who knows aurelia in 3 years from now?

    If you want a framework which is universally loved have a look at svelte. It‘s a compiler based approach where all the framework magic happens before compilation and the endresult is pure lightweight HTML css js without payloads. Perfect for smaller projects. https://svelte.dev/
    Svelte Tutorial on Scrimba

    So stay away from aurelia and learn vue js for the money and for small and quick use svelte (for example your local barber shop website).
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    Nice country, a bit upside down
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    @alexbrooklyn mfker u did it again 🤣🤣
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