I have a domain and nginx server configured on digital ocean. Im trying to make it so i can forward any emails to support@mydomain.com to an existing gmail.

can anyone link a simple guide for this? everything i saw seems to be half solutions that didnt work for me

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    Do you run a email server?
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    @heyheni i dont wanna support any email servers i just want users to send emails to an alias called support@somedomain.com and I wanna see it in my gmail account inbox
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    There HAS to be an e-mail server. Even for forwarding emails.

    It could be provided by your hosting provider, domain registrar, or third party. Some domain providers provide email forwarding service, essentially receiving the email on their servers then forwarding it to your email.
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    Nginx doesnt support smtp, which is needed for emails.
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    if you need a email server for docker here are two good ones.


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    Google used to have a MX record you could forward too, G suite sounds familiar, otherwise if it's a side project you can use email relays that just take your email and forward to a defined location, check their logging rules meet your needs though as they may store the emails that get passed through.

    Outside of that, setup a mail server and forward it yourself.

    I use
    https://improvmx.com for 1 site which I don't have a mail server for,
    but it's not a critical site and the emails that come through are from people using PGP keys anyway.
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    Bro use postfix and SMTP relay,the mails will be forwarded to your Gmail one. I am also doing similar.
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