The CEO of my last workplace asked an employee for his credit card; withdraw significant amount of money as a debt and never paid back. He already owes 2+ months of salary to that employee.

(He owed me money too but I never gave my Macbook back. πŸ–•)

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    Your co-worker deserves it for being that much of a fucking retard.
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    Sounds like you work in a place with shit laws for worker protection.
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    Fuck em, what are they gonna do? Show up and force you to give it back? Hell no. Do what must be done and all is well
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    Employee gets ceo credit card, not the other way around.

    The moment the business needs to use your credit card, the business obviously has deep financial issues.
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    That employee sounds like an idiot. Why would the CEO need to borrow money from an employee of his?
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    @Root Lawsuit costs money
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    @sqlkid Bangladesh, apparently
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    βˆ†This is the correct answer.

    He paid a lot of money for a valuable but simple lesson.

    Don't lend to charlatans.

    Idiotharvesting is also a major global business sector. Some people make their entire business and livelihood about harvesting idiots for shekels.

    I don't know whether it's truly ethical to take advantage of someone like that, but it can't be good for the soul.

    Unfortunately it is very apparent that there are some people who have no soul to speak of.
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    @Wisecrack Not even that deep though. Like I wouldn't use my personal card for company finances even if I was the CEO, let alone an employee.
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    You couldn't make this shit up
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    Just one FYI, this is just one story. Please don't judge my country(Bangladesh) by this. I literally don't know any other founder or company this much dishonest. That bitch(male) is an anomaly.
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    @mint90 we've heard enough about India and its neighbouring countries that one story doesn't change anything
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    @electrineer That is an unfortunate truth. That being said, don't worry, @mint90, there are shitty people everywhere.
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    @electrineer this is either a statement of absolute despair or absolute apathy.

    That's next level chill.
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    I had a boss try this once (with another payment method) on me because the license of a product on a server expired.

    "If you just pay this now we'll reimburse you! This NEEDS to come back online now!!!"

    I was the on call server engineer, kindly told him I wouldn't do that and went back to celebrating weekend and keeping my eyes on real disruptions.
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