It still feels weird to be installing an antivirus on a CentOS server :D

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    Here I was thinking Linux systems don't need antivirus.
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    What're you using?
    I use Sophos Community edition.
    ClamAV been too clunky for me years ago.
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    @scor going for clamav, but I'll have a look at Sophos. Thanks for the heads-up!
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    @iamai linux doesn't need it. Windows does. I don't want my servers to become a virus-exchange-hub :/

    just because linux won't get infected it doesn't mean it won't become a carrier
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    @iamai I second on netikras aspect.
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    Maybe the Chines are already on your box?-) https://techrepublic.com/article/...

    Srly, it's 2020, why still this "Linux is [inherently] more secure" hogwash? Just hop on HTB or any other pentesting platform and see if you can't pwn penguins...
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    @netikras now I understand :) Microsoft user here. Only used Linux a few times and never thought of a reason to install antivirus until now. Learned something new :) Thanks!
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    @iamai Besides, servers are always more vulnerable and warrant more safety measures than seems reasonable. Just so the devs can bypass all of them with a "clever hack".
    ../../../etc/logs/apache.log is my favorite page on a surprising amount of websites.
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    @Lor-inc I meant ../../log/apache.log
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