I hate meetings that could have been just checking the Jira to see what everyone is working on... Getting 5 people together to individually mention what they're working on... So inefficient

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    Except, now you know what you most likely wouldn't have known by having to check those tickets yourself, which I can probably assume, you wouldn't have done.
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    And it keeps your sanity in check
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    Something meeting are a way to strengthen the bond instead of just work related. For example

    Mike : Hello John , how's lily (John's cat) been doing?

    John : She fine but she haven't been eating her food lately

    Mike : Have you try XYZ cat food?

    John : I haven't.Maybe I will try it.

    The way to successfully hold a meeting is to mix personal matter into it (as shown above).
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    @mr-user Very good and clear example. B+
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    @ScriptCoded Yeah I got B+
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    In jira u tell what u are doing,
    In the meeting u can complain the fuck about it.
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    I do this 3 times a week...
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