I really miss my company-issued stand-up desk, and actually going to a different facility every morning: both the drive and the office. I also miss being able to go to someone else's desk, or walking right up to a white board to hash something out at a moment's notice.

This is really my first experience working from home at length, save for 3 weeks I had when my son was born (in lieu of a paternity leave). I have to say, I don't particularly care for working remotely. It'd be different I suppose if i was able to be a digital nomad and work from different locations, but being confined to my own four walls blows. I much prefer working in an office with other devs and being able to collaborate face-to-face, without all the damn giphy's in slack.

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    Some possible solutions to the problems you mentioned:

    1) take a walk outside before you start working
    2) see if you could make a standing desk type arrangement yourself. For example by placing a laptop on a couple boxes to get it to a comfortable height
    3) use pen and paper instead of whiteboard
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