No, this is not a joke/meme.

So I was searching the internet for 2-in-1 laptops -- looking around what could be my next lappy if my current xps13 died. I had a hunch the xps13 convertable is quite overpriced and was looking at lenovo offerings to compare.

This is what one of the largest LT e-shops suggested to buy along with the lappy :)

Dangerous times these are I guess.. Everyone and everything needs protection

[I assume you won't need translation ;) ]

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    My God, the audacity!

    Where are the latex gloves, hand sanitizer and protective eyewear?!
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    Maybe the mask is for the one who will deliver this to you 😉
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    i am keeping an eye on an xps 13 since many people were so avid about it on here some years ago. i read it were quite reliable and performant. does that no longer apply or are you just considering a switch because of the price (considerable though)?
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    To protect from the viruses you get from using windows
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    @electrineer 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    @electrineer congrats! You win the internet today.
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    @erroronline1 the price thing. I love this piece, believe me I do! It's performant af, temperatures are low, battery is outstanding. I own the Skylake hi-end version. But since I got a Yoga for my wife I've fallen in love with the convertable design.

    Xps13 2in1 is quite pricey and I was wondering what other convertables would match xps13 hi-end with [hopefully] lower price :)
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    @netikras i currently use an 5 year old yoga 13 pro2 convertible with uhd screen. works like a charm (at least on the hardware side). i liked the convertible option back then on buying it, but learned it is way overrated and never actually used it, but that's my personal usecase of course. the uhd screen messed me up, i will never be able to downgrade and will have to pay the price for that. so be careful of your future choice. read lenovo is not flawless with linux if you're into that while xps are actually sold with ubuntu. but lenovowise i have nothing to complain about otherwise. but can not recommend therefore help with current recommendations.
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    @erroronline1 this is useful! I'm already spoiled by 4k uhd touchscreens :) what's annoying with normal laptops [xps13 incl] is that lids have a limit to how wide they can open. This annoys me a lot as I'm doing a lot of reading in positions where >140* lid angle is required. Each time I'm now tilting the laptop after risking to break the lid off 😁

    also a kiddo jumping around on the sofa while I'm reading is another risk factor

    what distro/version are you using and what's giving you a hard time? I'm guessing fingerprint reader as #1? 😁
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    @netikras the kids-on-the-sofa-thing was absolute exactly my main cause! but we are terrible parents and most of the time the kids obey to not being allowed to jump on the sofa while someone sits there with foldable electronic devices.
    due to work related dependencies of ms office and acrobat i am not ready to switch, beside being even too dumb to get a system on a stick with persistent storage to work to try wine or something...
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    latest update from my kids behaviour: the little one sat on the notebook on the desk while staring out of the window. the middle one sitting beside did not care. consider a toughbook or reconsider having kids.
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