After applying to thousands of startups, and getting rejected too, this one startup with kind-of good brand shortlisted me, gave me an assignment, i worked my ass of to make it and after 7-8 non stop hours, i finally submitted the assignment, the next day the hr guy called and he discussed about stipend,perks etc. I guessed i was selected, the very evening the govt. Here imposed corona virus lockdowns and the next day the hr said "he will connect with me after lockdowns are over". But economy has hit very hard here, I am panicking every day that will i ever get that internship? It was my only chance to get my first job and a full time dev job 😫😫😫😫😖

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    @rutee07 this shit so bad even the fapland has not been spared.
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    I feel you. I've had a lot of companies say the hiring process has been halted due to lockdown. And others straight up have told me they have no idea how they'll handle a full remote onboarding if I get the job...
    Kinda disheartening, and anxiety inducing as heck. Let's just not give up and keep grinding.
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