Just came across this absolute gem:

"Yeah it's slow but it was _designed_ to be slow therefore it's no problem whatsoever"

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    And yes blender is still frozen on my machine after like 10 minutes trying to import a (rather large) ply model

    How anyone could even begin to think this is acceptable is beyond me
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    Rather, it's not designed to be performant. It's designed to produce a good result.

    I guess.
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    Contribute a fix!
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    @ScriptCoded But one doesn't exclude the other though. I mean I'm no fan of Python (like at all) but I'm very sure that Python is able to load a 400 MB ply model in less than 1 minute and without consuming 7 GB of RAM in the process
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    @RememberMe Maybe not such a bad idea. Hoping I can find some time
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    Tell it Google, he will surely take notice of it being slow and highly unlike that it will rank you site

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