I adore working from home. However there is one negative I’ve found and that is moving my wheeled chair on carpet 😒

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    Yep haha!! Nothing is safe... toes, charge cables, cat tails, etc.
    You are either glued to the floor or your chair goes into the neighbors house
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    first world problems lol.
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    @Wisecrack the topic was least favorite part of working from home, idk what you expected. But I used to deal with lack of running water and no useful internet connectivity, right here in the US.
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    @jeeper I used to deal with eating thawed hot dogs and sleeping on the floor in a house infested with cockroaches where we didn't have a vehicle and the nearest neighbor was legit 10 miles down the road.

    We made a mini golf course out of pudding cups, the only other thing we had in the house. Went to reach in to grab the golf ball and got covered in ants.

    So I know the pain.
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