types of programmers on social media from my school

#1: that bitch with a mac who barely knows enough python to write a keylogger or web scraper and implies they could make full on applications

#2: that other bitch who has windows and learned a little bit of html and flexes screenshots of their website

#3: the one who runs a club and promotes it on social media, they know java and run windows

#4: the knowledgeable, friendly linux user who's got a bomb ass personal website or plain as to their liking, and retweets cool news on twitter

#4 is the best.

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    Whatever happened to using it like a normal human being and not overly posting cringe shit like screenshots of code?

    Sure every once in a while is perfectly fine. But if you post it obsessively that's hella cringe.
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    Windows is fine! Chill about it
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    #1 That bitch...
    #2 That bitch...

    Wait, you had that many women in your computer classes?
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    @pitaya4 No. Just no.

    You can waste a whole week to setup your environment, I don’t.
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    @010001111 you can with nix too.

    Just use your bloody preference and get on with life. It's lame to give a fuck about what others use lol
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    @Stuxnet hella cringe indeed
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