Overheard a conversation in class today: This dude was talking about how "Linux was terrible and worthless" because he'd spent a few hours trying to install Ubuntu on his laptop over the weekend and couldn't get it to work. I don't know how to tell him Linux isn't the problem here.

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    Can’t install Ubuntu, can he use a computer?
    That damn thing installs its self.
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    I believe we have a bona-fide error 40 here...
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    You click a couple of times and boom Ubuntu installed.
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    "Hey dude, you suck :)"
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    > You click a couple of times
    > and boom Ubuntu installed.

    In the lucky multiverse you exist in yes.

    In mine..

    A week or two, or three trying to figure out why it doesn't..

    I did get there in the end, which included figuring out which of the 30 different video cards I had, the OS actually liked..

    That guy, probably lives in my universe !
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    You dont.
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    @Nanos you could try booting live with nomodeset & *sometimes* noapic in your grub params.
    If that works, you could check the Ubuntu-drivers or jockey utility to find other potentially proprietary drivers.. :)
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    Error code: Cannot install: ID-10-T
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    @Nanos I mean like there is a reason for this: https://youtu.be/IVpOyKCNZYw
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    I've got a laptop like that, only works if you stop Windows updating to the latest NVIDIA drivers !

    I've also a desktop PC with the same, don't update driver issue, but it hasn't got a built in graphics card thingy, it just has multi-able monitors that are often so hard to get working !
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    I used to use AMD graphic cards, but then AMD don't make modern graphic cards to work with PCI 2.0 MB's anymore..

    But NVIDIA do !
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    It's really really hard to find everything that works perfectly with everything else.

    Even if you read all the reviews, and choose the most reliable, liked product, you can still end up finding out a few months/years down the road its got some kind of issue with it that no one ever fixes !

    Well, sometimes folk do produce their own custom BIOS to solve some issues ! (Like with my machine, without a custom BIOS it wouldn't run Windows 10.. it can run Windows 7, but not Windows 8.1 ...)

    It seems everything has problems.

    But then, I'm the guy that got called in to fix things that everyone else couldn't !

    So I got to see a lot of, problems..

    Oddly no matter what I buy, I always have a ton of problems getting things to work !

    But then, I do use things for more than 5 minutes, which might explain why, so I discover if they don't really work reliably..

    He says, looking at that Promise RAID controller that never worked correctly..
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