My team now does daily mini-standups: what you did, what you will do, what's blocking u

But with this wfh, I feel like slacking more or just seen to have less critical work to do... but not sure if the other guys are just "padding their list" or actually really busy.

So wondering when I have nothing to do for work/no defined deadlines or deliverables... How do you look busy?

I do have a lot of optional tech debt improvement work I could do but basically these are like backlog... And not really fun.

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    I put busy status on Skype and Team 😀
    But just for something to say I could busy myself updating or creating some documentation and training slides. Also there are personal initiative projects I have which I can add more functionality. There's also catching up on studying new topics.
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    @iamai used the docs excuse for about a week already + being unable to actually do it because of random support work
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    Hm you just need to say what you will do during your day.

    If it's the same every day, it's the same.

    What's the problem?
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    @IntrusionCM cuz everyone else's tends to change more frequently like their actually getting shit done...

    Though I can't say whether they're done well...
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    @billgates hm, might be.

    But being dishonest makes the whole meeting pointless.

    It's always frustrating when a project goes south because noone tells the truth and hence there is no project managament possible as noone has a clue what the current status is...
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    @IntrusionCM well we don't really share feature dev much. So we don't touch others code much.

    So if they blow up in prod, the dev should clean up his shit by himself.... But why blow up in the first place? Often times they don't understand how they fcked up...
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