Some people use Microsoft Word to code

... because it is in comfort zone.

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    I..... What .... Woot..... How.....

    Recursive fault. Cannot compute.
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    How the fuck do you compile a word document. Genuinenly curious if there are tools that allow this.
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    vba app? Are you tracking an IP address in realtime?
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    @Marl3x ms word can write plain text.
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    Whaaaat ? You just discovered MS WORD. I was born into Lexicon. I did not see a GUI until I was already a man.

    For my degree I needed to find a company to partner with school. I made a VBA script which printed (based on an excel I will not mention provenance) resume, cover letter and envelope. All with a 40$ printer. Worked as a charm
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    That'd be notepad for me.
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