If you wonna be a hacker you know

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    @kaqqao alright :)
    This was my first and last time
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    @kaqqao but I like memes....
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    Bruh I just downloaded Kali. I'm going to hack the crap out of the government, and I'm joining Anonymous. The government's corrupt, illuminati, fluoride, bugging, blah blah blah.

    Every. Fucking. Time.
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    Color a1


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    @kaqqao look out guys! Fun police is here :P.

    What gives you the right to dictate what people can and cannot post? I think memes are acceptable if they are related to development. If you don't like them, simply don't read them.
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    I gotta admit, that was me with hormonal instability. But that's how I got started in serious programming and laugh at my past
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