Customer: "My system feels very slow"

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    😦what are they running?
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    @C0D4 Performancewise a toaster. But it's a NAS.
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    Lel. Done that. Tho, mine happened when I was training a massive neural net.
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    Load of 4.44?? That's nothing.

    But maybe use some of that swap.
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    @fuckwit Well, with a dual core CPU it's way too high.
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    @deman nah it still isn't. I've seen those thing with way over 30 load and doing fine.

    You mentioned it being a NAS. So it's probably running zfs? If this is the case you can tune zfs to be less aggressive and use fewer resources.
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    @fuckwit every load greater than the number of cores is too high. Of course an even higher load is worse, as the processes need to wait longer for CPU time. FS is ext4.
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    @fuckwit It really depends on the server. I've seen servers going down with a total (all cores calculated) of like 110% but I've also seen servers with a load of over 8000% which were still responsive and working fine!
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