I'm pissed

Why the fuck do I need to install brew to have AWS' SAM CLI? Couldn't you provide me with an install script or an apt package? Now I have to install linuxbrew (never used it) and pollute my os with crap I'll never use just to have this fucking cli so I can create a fucking lambda function project on intellij idea.

Oh, I can install it with pip. Well yes but actually no. They fucking deprecated the pip package and just gave me a link with instructions on how to install it with brew.


I was praising AWS for their good docs yesterday, now I'm pissed at those lazy fucks >:(

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    Aaand there we go. How long did that take, 24 hours? Less?
    You're one of us now. Welcome, we have cookies.
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    @endor cookies you say?
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    😂 that was quick. It's alright, you'll recover from this madness soon enough and like AWS again.
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    It's still semi-beta, full sdk support isn't available
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    @C0D4 oh I still like it. I just got a bit pissed because I had to install a bunch of crap...

    Now I'm just a bit lost in the java sdk documentation, it's a fair price to pay for such a big and powerful ecosystem though.
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    Sdkman is your friend
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    You can also do pip install aws-sam-cli
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    @dan-pud it's deprecated
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    Not endorsing anything but brew comes with mac. Thats why brew
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    @bioDan so? apt comes with Linux but they don't use it :/
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    brew is out of the box with mac’s now?

    I loved it when I had mac but remembering having to install other dependencies first but then anything it was easy peasy
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