>teacher: you need to enable your webcam so i can tell you aren't cheating
>me: sorry but i'm on a desktop pc, i don't have a webcam
>t: what do you mean? every computer i've seen has a webcam!
how do i explain this to him?
(for context he's like 60)

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    You can take picture of your desktop from your phone and send it to him.
    You can use zoom in your phone.
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    @fnf47 good idea, though it'll be hard to position the phone right (time to whip out the good old packing tape)
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    @Jintsuu Make a video of yourself shat you can loop indefinitely and spoof that feed with a fake cam driver.
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    @p100sch What is this, a way to cheat? I wouldn't! Now, let me download that driver...
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    "well, grandpa, these new 'puters' also come in flavors that don't have 'tvs' attached to them. They're also the size of a radiator. You remember those, right?"
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    @fnf47 or you don't use zoom at all because.
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    "Well, mine doesn't."
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