Review about 45+ bootstrap admin templates, and haven’t found one that fit into what’s in my head.

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    Use a flex-based approach and build what's in your head.
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    @SortOfTested There is no much time to build, I am done with a project backend... just need a “bootstrap template” I can use, so the UI looks better.
    What’s flex-approach about?
    Can u send a link.
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    - 50 hours
    - 45 templates
    - no results

    You probably could have built the thing by now instead of wasting time trying to find something that won't exist.
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    There seems to be a shortage of pre-built bootstrap themes (except for the ~10 themes on bootswatch), and by that I mean the CSS themes not those html+css bundles you see all over the place which every web designer seems to publish by the dozen as soon as their pubes are showing without really thinking nobody's really using them possibly because whoever builds applications with dashboards of that complexity has enough neurons in their sack to realize you don't start work with the UI for the same reason you don't build your house from the roof down.
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