Nice. Onto the next nice number.

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    Your progress doesnt seem to be going so well.
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    @BobbyTables The ups and down of life, my friend. And downvote spammers, probably. You have them on every platform.
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    I smell a ripoff @heyheni here...
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    @melezorus34 😊 no ripoff „Herr“ means mister in german so heni says „Hallo Herr Nyani, wie gehts?“
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    @heyheni Mit Mir Gehts gut. The 'Herr' is indeed German for mister, and the Nyani is a portmanteau of 'Nya' and 'Nani'. 'Nya' is 'meow' in Japanese and refers to my love for Japan and cats! And I used to reply 'nani' often in voice chat, which is Japanese for "what (is it)?". My friends actually gave me this nickname, and I've used it as my user name ever since.
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    @HerrNyani as one of those friends, I can confirm this statement.
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