I'd make a better product manager than developer. My code sucks, but I really understand what the customers want.

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    and what is holding you back to switch on the dark side and enroll in a evening school for management?
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    Understanding what the customers want is a really good skill!
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    @devphobe did you do your research?
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    Nobody really understands, what a customer wants.
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    How about trying your options to be like a lead or anything with project management type of work? If your company is big enough they might have the options to switch teams?
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    @Oktokolo customers don't really know what they want. It's marketing that influences customers to know what they should want.
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    What's wrong with being a PM? It's a vital job, critical to the success of any project.
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    @RememberMe he lives in the USA where education costs you both kidneys. So he can’t be a pm. Poor Americans that the accept this greedy system as given 😒
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    @heyheni oh I empathize with the kidneys bit, I'm the the US right now xD gotta save up for a dialysis machine before my blood turns too toxic....

    But I know people move to managerial jobs all the time, and in many cases the company even encourages them (corporate MBA etc.).
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    @RememberMe dang, You’re Indian right? So book a flight to Delhi and check in to a Gurgaon luxury clinic for a weekend? Will definitively be cheaper and more comfy than the us πŸ˜„
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    @heyheni it would definitely be cheaper lol. This place is nuts when it comes to expenses (relatively)

    Also can't fly back because quarantine, also studies.
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    @RememberMe had to google it.
    For $400 a day you get finest medical treatment with a 5 star hotel room in a Gurgaon private clinic with rolls royce airport transfer, a food court, a cinema and Ayurvedic Spa. πŸ˜„

    In switzerland i pay for a 3 minutes flu consultation with my General practitioner $400.

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    @heyheni *flies to India first class*
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    @PonySlaystation ji! jai hind! 😎 πŸ›©
    yeah i’d like to visit again. This time the south, TechHub Bangalore, Chennai and the ex french colony in India, Puducherry. Should be really beautiful there with beach, French architecture and the cleanest air in whole of India.

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