It’s probably the beer but I have a strange desire to learn Java 🙃

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    cheers! 🍻 yeah me too, seems beautiful 🥴

    Travel to JAVA, Indonesia
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    Even better, make java, while writing java, in Java!
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    @SortOfTested Unlimited java power.
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    Yup. Because of last night’s beer I now crave a big cup of strong java.
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    Do it! Modern Java (especially combined with Lombok and frameworks like spring) is great. There's also way less to learn in terms of language features than something like C++ or C#, so it doesn't comparatively take that long to learn the whole thing.

    It's certainly not perfect (not even close), but I'd go as far as saying it's decent. Plus there's plenty of work for decent Java Devs :-)
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    You. Are. Weirdo. *backs off from him to a long distance* Sick!
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    With that mentioned beer, nobody is making a joke about not being able to see sharp?!
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    Java Love
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    Agreed. though I also feel that what you don't learn in Lang features, you make up for in configuration and convention.

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    @SortOfTested Oh yes, definitely. Plus using Java in a commercial setting these days almost always means learning Spring / Spring boot + associated DI/IoC concepts that go with it, along with other commonly used libraries like lombok, so in that sense there's a lot more... (but shh, I'm trying not to put anyone off...)

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    Time to write a HTCPCP-Server in java while drinking java?

    I will let the rfc here:

    Have fun!
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    Must be German beer.
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