Cool they‘ve integrated VS Code into GitHub.

„The Codespaces will a browser-based version of the full VS Code editor running on Azure. You’ll also be able to add any plugins your use normally.“


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    Is this similar to the way AWS bought/integrated Cloud9?
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    Fuck azure
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    The more I look at MS moves in this direction the more I smell automated development...
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    @dmonkey there is already microsoft powerapps, microsoft flow and azure logic
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    Looks pretty good
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    Oh, now you don't even need to install VSC on the PC to start messing with project, cool-cool. Definitely signing up for beta :)
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    Atom's fucking dying
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    @aggelalex Atom was born dead, considering this title doesn't represent the big idea, and there is already tech thingie called Atom feed protocol, so only one Atom stays xD
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