Sway is the best window manager.

Prove me wrong.

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    Windows is the worst OS for programming.

    Fight me.
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    Sway what?
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    I would agree if i could get the damn thing to *start!!!*
    Meanwhile i3(gaps) is pure yes
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    Next time I buy new GPU it will be AMD and I will install sway, I have used it on my laptop long time but want to use it on desktop too
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    *thinks what the hack is sway*
    *googles it*

    fml. Microsoft did it again, another useless tool, boosted by better marketing than the product it self will ever be.
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    @M1sf3t Wow. Now i feel dumb.

    Thank you man, sometimes i need people like you ;)
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    I would, but i3 prevents me from acknowledging other WMs
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    @fnf47 Firefox OS is the worst OS for programming.
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