Have you considered that we might just have to stay at home because the batteries of the surveillance pigeons have to be changed? 🧐

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    Idk if artiticial batteries can hold up that much power without too much weight. Must be a mutant.
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    Sounds like "Get the towers ripped down" talk to me boys
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    This is why you've never seen a baby pigeon 🤫
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    @Root 😂😂
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    The RAM is missing. And the wLAN module. And the secondary storage/ ROM.
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    They're missing the GPS antenna, storage, gpu and the memory
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    Imagine thinking the pigeons need batteries.

    We all know they are actually powered by microwave radio waves transmitted from the 5G towers on the bottom of the flat earth (the 5G towers we can reach are all fakes) and reflected off the chemtrails.

    Get woke people.
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