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Last year, when the first lockdown happened, everyone in my office started working from home. Including myself of course.
I decided to use x11vnc for remotely accessing my PC cause it is super convenient.
A few days into the home office and suddenly the remote keyboard acts weird, with random keypresses that I didn't do, and then the letter L was written over and over like it was stuck.
Assuming a bug in x11vnc, I restart it several times, but no luck. Whenever I open a terminal it is full of "L"s within a matter of seconds.
So I restart my PC remotely and reconnect the x11vnc, which is a huge pain in the arse if you have ever done it. And can you believe it... Still the same problem!
So, finally I gave up and went to the office to see what the hell was going on with my PC. I entered my office room and could not believe my eyes.
What had happened? The room cleaner had wet-wiped my desk. To create enough free space for that, she had first cleaned up the mess, putting the scattered paper nicely on the side, but then also *putting the bloody mouse on the bloody keyboard*.

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    Lol. Really lol.
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    Did you unplug them to make sure it doesn't happen again?
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    Good one.

    Although you could have simply disabled the physical keyboard to confirm the source of all the Ls and save a trip to the office :)


    Next time ;)
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    If you unplug them, remote access might not work !

    I have that issue here with one PC that must be plugged into a monitor, or else it doesn't work remotely.. ( I've even tried one of those dummy monitor plugs, but no, it doesn't like it ! )

    And a laptop, that if the screen isn't opened, don't display certain windows.. ( I think it has to do with it having onchip graphics, and a plug in graphics card, some windows are rendered with one and not the other.
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    @Nanos you could create a new X session if it didn't exist. Doing that might be the better option to begin with, so that no one in the office can stalk and interrupt what you're doing.
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    FX [ Wonders what an "X session" is.. ]

    I'm using VNC for remote access, the only one I found that I could get to work the most reliably, or at all !

    I do have another on my todo list to check sometime.. ( Recommended here. )

    Todo list is about 5 years long..

    Current top item, delete old data on old phone before selling it !

    But I can't factory reset it, or it will break it..

    It took me days to copy the data off it, by hand, since none of the phone software works well enough to do that, and even if it did, it stores it in a non-standard format that makes getting the information out as plain text, something that would require me to dig deeper into its non-standard format..

    Quicker to just copy the data off by hand, and type it into the new phone..

    I'm reminded every time in the past when I've tried one of those, application that moves your data between phones, it always corrupts it !
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    @netikras Thanks, I'll try that next time :)
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    @electrineer I am now going into the office 2-3 days a week (we are trying to make it so that each person has their own room for them). At the end of each day I actually unplug the mouse and store it away. I cannot unplug the keyboard tho, because then somehow the remote access doesn't work anymore. Didn't have time/interest to investigate why tho.
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    lol :D
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    The nature of the rant made me fear it from the start 🤣
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