Been a Windows user since I was a kid in 2005. Switched to MacOS in 2018 due to the nature of my job. Today I went back to use my brother's Windows machine to play some games 😎

Damn! The recent updates made Windows look so good and snappy. The dark mode looks well and the navbar on the Windows App Store is translucent.

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    Yeah that’s cool and all but now my taskbar icons lazyload like 30 minutes after the system is up and I can’t open apps found via the search.
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    I love windows telemetry. I feel secure.
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    Good that it works for you, man!
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    I use every OS I can think of every day πŸ˜‚ (mac, windows, linux (ubuntu)). Mac is my favorite, Windows is second, Ubuntu is third due to my own errors in setting it up I don’t wanna fix
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    @deadbender Same boat. Awesome.
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    @linuxxx Hey man, I used Linux Desktops too. I just didn't feel the need to mention it because it was for short periods and I jumped in and out from time to time.
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    @nikolatesla That's completely fine, no need to explain yourself haha
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    @nikolatesla @linuxxx devRant - the place where you feel ashamed for using/liking Windows. πŸ˜…
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