React as Senior DB Admin

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    @NoMad O M F G,
    The times this happened while in production because of some dumbass wanting better performance on a report..

    Bitch, if the tables are there, it's because they are needed to function!!!
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    @Lyym I cannot fathom how someone can actually be that stupid
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    @12bitfloat I also couldn't, then I experienced it first hand... More than once.
    I convinced myself that such stupidity was only in movies. Boy was I wrong. And this is not the worst thing that happened in my years on the private sector.
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    @kibabu it should be dropped not delete.
    I will show myself out
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    @sak96 there's some users that delete certain data from tables, and some cunts that go DELETE * FROM sooo it's still fitting. Technically the table is there, but useless now
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    Lol. That has hit too close to home for you, didn't it?
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    @NoMad yes, I only use the word cunt in special, deep seated, hatred filled ocassions.
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    @sak96 Yaah you got the point, the table will be deleted for the 'drop table <Table_Name>'
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    Deleting production data accidentally...classic 😂
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    Me: why is there no data from yesterday?

    User: because I only want to see data for today

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    Id love to say "Who gives non DB staff, drop/delete privileges?" but in my last workplace even the call center staff knew the one admin password for every single server.
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    @stonestorm Same here, and since they never cleared out old accounts from employees that left you could use those accounts if yours didn't have the roles/privileges you needed. Kinda impressed those cunts never got sued.
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