The new version of the (unofficial) client (now UWP and with "Stories") for Windows 10 is here... but I can't release it due to a Microsoft Store bug... 😢

Hope to see a Microsoft fix soon, because I can't wait to share it with you! 😝

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    @thmnmlst no, it won't ;)
    The problem now is the "error 0x8024000E", an internal Microsoft team is working to fix it. I hope soon.
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    windows only ? that will piss some people off ..
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    @DarkMukke I think there are some for Mac users as well to download that are unofficial apps in the store
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    I love the screenshot you took though... the story in the center is mine 😁

    Look it up 😇
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    Yeah I wanted to download it on my laptop as well but the ms is being a butt. Can't wait for it to be fixed, then I can go through rants in my computer and be even less productive 😛
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