Over the last few years I started to change my mind about Microsoft, thinking that now it's a different company, caring about its customers more than money, focusing on quality to wipe away their bad reputation.

But no, this week I was proven wrong. I had to use one of the Microsoft products (SharePoint) and all I have to say is: same old shit.

Slow, gives errors at random times, often does not save changes. The online editor has been completely broken for two days now. Never wasted so much time before on such a piece of crap.

Fuck you Microsoft, I guess it's not time for us to meet again.

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    Lol sharepoint was always horrible
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    Well... they can't rewrite their past mistakes.
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    Is SharePoint Online better?
    I bet there is a lot of legacy at work
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    SharePoint is pretty much the worst of the worst, even as far as MS products go.

    That being said, I don't trust them either. They've put this whole "nicey nicey" front on in the last few years which seems to have everyone drooling, but I ain't fooling for it.
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    > Is SharePoint Online better?

    There is better integration with Flow and some nice UI tweaks, but it's still SharePoint. What I like about SharePoint Online is I would get to tell users 'No' when they ask "Can you bend SharePoint to our will?"
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    @AlmondSauce thats the same way I feel, that's why I'll continue to group typescript on the list with all the other proprietary languages when deciding what I want to build something with.
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    SharePoint is probably one of the worst widely-used Microsoft products of all time. When I worked in IT support our internal knowledge base was in SharePoint and it was awful. We eventually moved it to a different platform, which was a complicated, lengthy process that was absolutely worth it in the end.
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