oh shit oh shit oh shit...

Do to my horrible anxiety about covid-19 I have not been calling into stands up in the last 2 weeks or doing much work.

My boss just messaged asking if everything is okay.

First msg I said yes and sorry was having techinal difficulty.

Then I msged him back saying it would better if we talked. I can see he is on a conference call so no response.

Should I be honest or list fake technical reasons?

He is pretty cool boss but only been there since October.

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    Not joining standups is one thing, not doing much work is another. If that's been noticed and you try to lie and skirt around the problem, you look way worse, so I would just try to be upfront.

    For future reference, always best to talk to your boss before they notice you having issues, rather than have them initiate a conversation with you after they notice...
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    Well of course I know I should have spoken to my boss I am usually a very good employee.

    Before this pandemic I was depressed.

    I don’t even fucking care, it would be a relief to be fired at this point. Can’t handle the stress.
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    If you asked me -- ALWAYS be honest. Don't ever lie.
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    Given enough time your lack of effort will be noticed and then it's the spiral down affect to your resignation or being let go.
    Be upfront early and work through it or find yourself jobless before long.
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    If you do not care anyway why lie?
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    If the boss is a keeper and you lie, you're not gonna keep the boss.
    If you don't lie and the boss doesn't keep you, the boss is not a keeper.
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    Update: Everything is fine, my boss was more concerned than anything.

    This did prompt me to call my physician to see if I can get on some anti-anxiety medication.

    I was honest and he was appreciative of that.

    Jeez you guys are harsh...fuck!
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    True, I am just so many shades of fucked up.
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    Don't lie, lies result in more lies, we can't have that on stackoverflow, loads of downvoter army.

    If you are depressed tell your boss or consult with HR, stress can be reduced or taken away.

    Take deep breath, be honest and save yourself. People can't read your issues you have to tell them
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    Missing standups and not working is a huge no no. Imagine how you'd feel if you were working on something really hard and someone down the line delayed stuff and made your work irrelevant.

    There is no right answer. You tell em what they need to hear to get past it and keep movin on. I'd tell the truth but thag depends on a lot of circumstances and should ultimately be your call.
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    always be honest.

    lying not only makes it worse for you, but also for them.

    if you lie, the only thing they can do is let you go.

    if you're honest, they know what's going on and how to wotk with you, what to expect, etc. even if the truth is uncomfortable/not ideal, at least it gives both sides a chance to account for it in the cooperation, and thus gives the chance for the cooperation to continue.
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