devRant is truly amazing, a social network where I don't have to give up on privacy by giving out my number to confirm that I am legit when I'd use something as a VPN to protect my identity (unlike twitter facebook and google)

Thanks for giving a fuck about privacy and not giving a fuck about my data

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    Definitely not NSA funded
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    @maximizer Is exactly what the NSA would want you to think.
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    Someone went and said NSA. Thats it, can't use this anymore.
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    @maximizer NSA controls vpn providers. NSA made the vpn to fool us we are secure.
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    You give ur address for the stickers 😳🤔
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    Stickers are stickers with spy cams
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    @SweetHuman tor is cracked, VPN is owned by NSA. What is there for us to stay anonymous?
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    @maximizer nothing. NSA even has petabytes of storage in a single ssd
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    At this point we should talk about funding and business model. The major social networks are so invase, because they sell your data.
    A good social network can proof that it doesn't need to do this.
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    @gnaaah and i have no data there.... i do... fuck.... kill me.... what can I do?.....
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    And yet they got each of us to model ourselves as virtual avatars. Seems shady...
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