Well, fuck this. It seems that politicians are trying their best to validate conspiracy theorists.

This is a German article about the EU Council of Ministers discussing the implementation of backdoors into services in the same way the US and Australia do.
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    Also, I'm aware that politics are banned on devRant per the rules but come on
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    No one wants this, but it will still be passed like they did with article 13/17
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    Gather some document copies here: https://cloud.kescher.at/s/...
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    I'd so read this but my German is shit. Any English sources by and chance?
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    The idea behind EU was decent when it started, but now its turning to a global government of the countries, the idea of even have a government at this point is useless even EU can out rule everything in the end. Since the amount of votes is based on the size of the country, that should easliy tell you its a dictorship, do you think my vote as a Citizen of Denmark would even matter? Not really.

    The idea of EU being a global government is stupid as fuck.
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    @linuxxx The documents (= the original sources) are English, only the article is in German.
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    @Frederick Short question: You know the amount of votes is not proportional? While smaller countries (measured by the size of the population) have less seats than bigger countries, they have more votes per citizen than larger countries.
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    @sbiewald (Stupid me, i did of cause mean the amount of representatives per country)

    The idea of the 5 biggest countries can have around half of the total amount of seats is pretty ridiculous.

    Well not all of them have same political views, but in the end it doesnt matter when many of these coutries doesnt even are close to have the same views to freedom of speech & freedom as countries as Sweden.
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    @Frederick What would be the alternative?

    Currently for a European law to pass, it (usually) has to:
    - Be initiated by the Commission with 1 member / country
    - passed by the parliament with non proportional members
    - accepted by the Council of the European Union (with again one member per country)
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    Hey look, everything is getting worse.
    Again. Just like every other fucking day.

    The fires burn closer.
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    @Frederick if there would be for example 1 seat per country, one seat would have more people behind it than others.
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    If they try this in earnest, it will suffer the same fate as the data retention law: it will be churned through the courts for several years, then shot down by the CJEU. Not to speak of any local implementation in Germany, which is likely to get shot down by the BVerfG, and I imagine it would be similar in Austria.
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    @linuxxx A subfolder on the Nextcloud folder contains images of the original document by the anti-terrorist dude, which is in English
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    A common strain between the *highly* uninformed and the *highly* informed is asking of any event: cui bono?

    The only difference is the uninformed ask "WHICH of the lizard people factions benefit"

    while the highly informed ask "what stock or , option or other asset do I buy or sell to benefit from this?"
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    @Wisecrack I don't care about assets when some government fucker could request my data from services in the name of fighting terrorism, without the service provider's knowledge even.
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    @kescherRant thats just it. your data IS an asset.

    we should collectively demand compensation. that'll scare em!
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