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    Everything that's great is difficult.
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    It's hard if you make it hard.

    It's all ifs and else's otherwise.

    A little bit of shuffling of lists/maps/arrays and some data validation and away you go.

    Keep it simple, don't over engineer a problem, even when it's a complex problem and you'll have a harder time understanding the requirements then you will implementing them.
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    Among other things, because expressing yourself as precise as a computer needs is very different from expressing yourself in day to day life. That's where the saying "a computer doesn't do what you want, it does what you tell it to" comes from.
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    There are easy and hard aspects in programming. I see that you are a student. Why would they teach only the easy aspects and make you self-learn everything hard after you have graduated.
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    It's harder but it's worth it! Take your nuts and learn, build, code! You got this!
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    Programming is all about analyzing problems and translating the solution into some language, a very limited machine understands.
    In general, the first is easy if mathematical thinking is easy and the latter is easy if describing complex things in a foreign language is easy.
    For most people both parts are hard.
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    It isn't?

    It's a collection of tools that you tell the computer to use in a specific order, on some given data, to produce a particular result.

    Most programming is as difficult as first-year algebra, sometimes with brief forays into second-year algebra. With a little practice it's trivial.

    (Of course, some people write code as sad and broken as their minds. Maintaining that can definitely prove challenging.)
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    Trust me it’s worth it. I think to be able to create something (anything) on your own feels just amazing. You’ll see
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    Programming is a really great skill to learn.
    Many people often want you to start "correct". But if you're not obglied to learn it or have little motivation other than "I want to learn it to have that skill" you should not care about that.

    Do something fun. Something that's maybe connected to a game you enjoy. Even the most basic "scripting languages" will most likely teach you programming just fine and make it easier to get into.

    The community is also important. The more popular a language is, the more resources you'll find online that'll give you the solution when you google it.

    Don't be afraid to google. Even the most professional programmers spend a good big chunk of their time with googling. Another with just thinking about their code.
    Coding is more an art than anything else.

    There is a really good talk about what people do wrong when teach ithers to code which I cant find right now. I'll hit you up tomorrow when i find that. Should be really interesting for beginning too.
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    Define 'so hard.' How are you learning? Where do you see the difficulties? Do you like learning to program, or are you doing it for the estimated future financial gain?
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    Sorry but I cant find that video anymore.
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    Because they teach celular structure in school but they don't teach how many bits makes a byte.
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