How do you all diagram data flow? Small team of 3 devs, I'm the new guy. Data from various sources, through our middle end to final sql procs and presentation. I want to make a visual map but i dont know where to start

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    - PowerPoint / word
    - Draw.io, or what ever it's called now
    - MS Visio, granted you have a company that'll pay for it

    Plenty of online tools for such a thing a google search away, and remember the diagram is only as meaningful with the more detail you add to it.
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    @C0D4 draw.io >> word//pp. Visio might be good. If you add too much detail it becomes useless.
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    @electrineer it's in order of preference 😅

    Your right, over do it and you've wasted your time making it, and someone else's time trying to follow that maze.
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    That's the gist of my question then. How would i manage all these details without it becoming a maze?
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    @nonox yeah i know of it.

    My question is more, not how literally do i make this diagram, but how do i keep track of all these individual details in one place without it becoming a maze like @C0d4 is saying
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    @redhairedfury if it was me, I'd make 1 diagram that's semi high level to incorporate the general overview of things.
    Then create more detailed diagrams separately for the different processors and systems involved, if that level of detail is needed.

    The first should be easy to follow and brief enough to have a good idea on how things work and where things are coming from and going to , and if more details are needed you have the accompanying charts to dive deeper into specific areas.
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    @C0D4 i like that. Could even make it click into itself for the small ones
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    like a bonsai tree. carefully.

    let it grow and theb prune it back to manage it. let it grow some more and prube it back to manage it.

    juat making shit up as I go along. fuck if i know.
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