from Windows host->run Ubuntu container A
-> from Ubuntu container A, run Ubuntu container B
-> from Ubuntu container B, run Ubuntu container C
-> from Ubuntu container C, run Ubuntu container D
-> ....

Recursion-mode ON

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    I don't get it. Could you explain how that relates to it being a recursion and how docker (afaik one runs a docker container that has just the required environment and the virtualization of the software) relates to virtualization of machines?
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    I tried to create ubuntu container inside an ubuntu container.

    So far I still get an error, but if it works, then it will be pretty cool. Just like movie "Inception" : dream within dream, within dream, within dream...

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    And what error are you getting? Didn't oom_reaper come into play yet?
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    It's not quite recursion but a funny idea. 😄
    I feel the same when opening remote desktops within remote desktops.
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    @cho-uc 🤦‍♀️
    how did you manage that? did you mount the docker socket into the containers from the host? or full install of docker inside a running container?
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    @magicMirror @asgs

    Full install docker inside a running container.

    But I got "Cannot connect to the Docker daemon."

    Then something about :


    So maybe it's not possible...too bad...
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    @cho-uc is the docker daemon running? Are you executing your docker commands as root (with sudo) or does your user belong to the 'docker' group?
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    @cho-uc Try harder then. It is possible - but makes little to no sense.
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    You need root in the container to host the docker daemon. Most people won't have attempted it because running containers as root is highly discouraged in any production scenario.

    You could try to bodge wire the internal daemon to the external sock with a volume mount, but, yeah, root.
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    I'll leave this here, I am not responsible for what you do with it.

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    @SortOfTested docker containers run as Root by default.
    Prod containers should NOT do that.
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    Unless there is the host windows machine twice in that list I only see nesting rather than recursion. sorry..
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    @endor Yeah, already tried to fix those.

    See below screenshot.. Weird right?

    @magicMirror I know it's probably useless, but I'm curious

    @Yggdrasil OMG, it's possible! Thanks so much for the link. 😘

    Now I can try the recursive Docker! 😎
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    @cho-uc with great power comes great responsibility 😁
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    @cho-uc I see. Thanks.
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