Do you use rust?
What have you built with it?

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    (1) Yes
    (2) More recent exemples are:
    - Tools to refactor a very large php codebase
    - Very basic vulkan based programs
    - Image processing algo (processing time: python=3sec, rust=0.8sec) (python version uses cuda, rust uses opencl)

    You can do anything in Rust, there are so many libs! And cargo makes using them super easy.
    But it's hard to push for it when no one knows it at your workplace.
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    I don't have that much experience with it, but many CLI tools I'm using are made with Rust.
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    I learnt rust and made one crate, which no one world probably use. It was hard, but I enjoyed every bit.
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    Discord bot
    Embedded systems runtime
    Working on an OS
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    @RememberMe Isn't a Rust OS just one gigantic blob of unsafe {}?
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    I'll post some of my work here I guess. Rust is by far my favorite language.

    Perif: A program to control lightning/sidetone on peripherals. https://github.com/olback/perif

    Autoplank: Move plank across multiple monitors. https://github.com/olback/autoplank

    rdg: Frontend for rdesktop on Linux. https://github.com/olback/rdg-linux

    Library Loader: Implementation of SamacSys library loader for Linux & Mac. https://github.com/olback/...

    Barium: A very work in progress end to end encrypted chat server and client. https://github.com/olback/barium

    And a few more smaller things and a few crates/libraries. There is basically no limit on what you can do with Rust.
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    @PrivateGER yes and no
    The bit that talks to the hardware, the lowest layer is unsafe. Stuff on top isn't (apart from a few data structures)
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    clans of naked cannibals.

    flame thrower death traps to harvest noobs.

    hadrians wall.

    the somalian navy.
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    Yup, working on embedded systems and an accompanying server
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